Crafting cookware with cooks in mind!

When you think about the process that is involved with cooking, what do you think about?  Typically you’re focusing on the recipes, time it will take to cook, utensils that you’ll need, as well as ingredients, of course!  The physical labor that is associated with cooking isn’t often focused on as one of the primary concerns when you’re in the kitchen, but it should be.  Let us tell you why.

Many well-known cooks have made comments on how the work that they do in the kitchen often takes a toll on their bodies.  Being on their feet for many hours of the day is tiresome and often painful on their back.  In addition, the constant use of their hands has led to complaints of regular soreness and even arthritis.  In many cases these issues are unavoidable, but we think that if you can avoid the potential physical pains that come with working in the kitchen, you should do so!

One of our brands, Moha of Switzerland, specializes in manufacturing cheese millproducts that assist you in being pain-free in the kitchen.  In particular, the Molino Cheese Mill is handy in
preventing pain in the hands or slices in your fingers from chopping and grinding up cheese.  The user-friendly piece is also dishwasher safe and encouraged to be kept in the refrigerator so that you can keep cheese fresh over periods of time.

jar openerJar openers can be a pain, too.  Not with the Easy Open Jar Opener by Moha Swiss.  This carefully crafted piece doesn’t force you to apply significant pressure to the jar when you are using the opener to try and crack the top off.  The Easy Open Jar Opener is adjustable to any size circular jar and only needs to be placed over top of the jar and popped off from an attached ledge underneath.  The fact that you can hold the entire opener in your hands with a simple grip makes it nice, too!

These may only be examples of handheld pieces that make cooking simpler.  However, they relieve stress on your hands and help with preventative action on potential injuries that could occur in the kitchen.  Cooking can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to get bloody!  Ask us about our user-friendly products to learn more about what our brands can do for your cooking pains.

moha swiss


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