Revitalize your Resolution

Let me guess—your New Year’s Resolution was that you wanted to start going to the gym a little more and cutting the bad food out of your diet.  Am I right?  Either way, there’s no doubt that being healthier is something that we can all work a little harder on, and we thought we would provide you with a few tips to propel you to continue that healthy lifestyle you are working towards!

  1. Cut processed food out of your diet

It might not seem like something that’s as big of a deal to you and probably appears that it’s too much work, but buying the fresh produce at the store instead of the processed items can greatly enhance the quality of your meals; adding more flavor for less additives.

  1. Eat a high protein breakfast

We’ve all heard this before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It’s true!  But don’t throw lots of carbs into your diet right when you wake up—you’ll crash before noon.  Foods like eggs are great ways to start the day and will keep you energized past your lunch hour.

  1. Consume smaller proportions more frequently

A common misperception is that people think it’s better to not eat as often to cut body fat.  But that idea doesn’t always hold up.  Studies say that consuming food in smaller proportions but on a more regular schedule is proven to be healthier, especially when you are consistently exercising every day!

  1. Drink water during meals

Sure, that glass of wine or sip of cola sure is enticing with a nice steak, but it’s not the healthiest of options.  Water purifies the system after divulging in a large meal and washes away excess fat from meals consumed throughout the day.

  1. Get lots of rest!

The key to a more physically and mentally healthier lifestyle can start with how much sleep you get.  Maximize how many hours you get every night so that you can eliminate that groggy feeling each morning.  Oh, and cut out that caffeine before bedtime!

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